Monday, April 16, 2018

"I am..." Final Assignment

How do you view yourself here, at Notre Dame High School?  How do others view you?  As families, parents, and prospective students come into the building and see images of you on the wall, how do you want them perceived?

And that's your assignment.

You will be taking on a final assignment that is "real".  You have a client, and that client is Admissions for Notre Dame Belmont.  They have requested we create ten canvases for the hall outside of their office and the entrance to Notre Dame.  Your job is to select from the list below two "I am" themes, create your final concepts to exact specifications, set up your photo shoot using your "professional" knowledge of lighting, location, composition, and Photoshop/Lightroom.

Quite a challenge, and a real-world assignment.  Your final images have the opportunity to be selected to hang in the front hall for all to see, as a canvas.


Select from the list and final approval of two themes - April 20

Give the dates, locations, and concepts of the sessions to Mrs. Kuntz - April 27

Complete photo shoots - May 9

Final production of images - May 19

"I am" List - 2018

I am an athlete
I am a scholar
I am a writer
I am an artist
I am a leader
I am a dancer
I am a musician
I am an ambassador
I am a scientist
I am a volunteer
I am a friend
I am inspired
I am empowered
I am prepared
I am ready for the world
I am spirited
I am enlightened
I am a teacher
I am an alum
I am a mentor

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