Friday, March 6, 2015

Color me ________!

Color says a lot about who you are to those who see you.  Much like what you choose to wear, the colors you surround yourself with express everything from your personality to your unique sense of style.  In this assignment I want you to show just that – your personality and sense of style.

Using ALL of the 7 – 10 images, created a final piece based around a poem you feel strongly attached to.  Using Photoshop, you will be creating an art board approximately 12 x 12”.  You may crop and edit any way you like but please make the final image more than just a collage of square/rectangular images stacked together with the poem in the middle.  Think about the font you select and make sure it MATCHES and REFLECTS the feel of the final piece and poem.  You may use your own poetry or that of someone else but give the appropriate credit.

Oh, one final instruction.  Create your name as part of the visual piece and fill with either the color you have chosen or a photograph of the color you have chosen.  You learned how to do this earlier this year…

Due date:  March 16