Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Assignment #9: How to use a green screen (or how travel around the globe without leaving room 114)

We all love to travel, even if it's just around the corner from where we live.  This assignment will have you traveling without even leaving your computer (well, you have to capture an image of yourself first, then you can sit...).

1.  Select an image from anywhere in the world making sure the size is a high enough resolution and the area big enough to place yourself in it (landscape with broad horizon, the Eiffel Tower with enough background).

2.  Take a good, long look at the LIGHTING in the photograph you selected, the PERSPECTIVE in the photograph, and the COMPOSITION.  You will be placing the photograph you take of yourself in it and all those concepts will be important in order to make the final image look convincing.

3.  Capture the image of yourself in the photo studio against the green screen, or anywhere you can place green screen fabric.  Again, lighting and angel you shoot at will be critical.

4.  Once you have the two images, follow the instructions from the video on the right of this blog.

Remember, the lighting is very important when illuminating the green screen itself but equally when it comes to lighting your subject (that would be YOU). You need to make the lighting of the subject match the background when you actually shoot the image. 

Now it's your turn.  You can work with a friend, go to the Photo Studio and photograph each other, whatever you need against a green screen.  

Have fun...think of the places you can be without even traveling out of NDB!

...yes, I'd like to be in Greece again...

Due Date:  October 26