Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Assignment #6 - What can Photoshop do for me?


You know those very cool photographs that have the focused image in the front and the blurred background?  What can a person do if their camera won't allow them to actually FOCUS like that?

Photoshop to the rescue.

Your next in class assignment will include this technique and I promise you won't ever go back to "everything in focus" again.  Follow the steps below and post your final image along with the original photo.

1.  Open a photograph you've captured in Photoshop.
2.  Change the size to not larger than 10" x 8".
3.  Command J to make a new layer.
4.  Hold down on the Lasso button to see the underlying buttons and click on Magnetic Lasso.
5.  Trace CLOSELY around the object you do NOT want blurred, then double click to release lasso.
6.  To make the edges of your image softer (so it doesn't look cut out) look at the top tool bar and
     choose refine edge or feather and add a percentage to make your selection blend.
6.  Command Shift I (inverse) to select the whole photo.
7.  Select Filter > Blur > ___________ (select your choice of blur to create the affect you want).
8.  Adjust the percentage (make sure you select "preview" so you can see what you like).
9.  Select the Lasso Tool and draw a round the image you originally selected.
10.  Command Shift I again to select the entire background.
11.  Command M (curves) will allow you to alter the value of the background.

Due Date:  September 27, end of class