Monday, November 27, 2017

Semester Final - The OFFICIAL Final Assignment

The Final, spelled out:

  • Selection of a famous photographer from the official list
  • Research completely:  Know them, Know their work, know WHY they did what they did
  • How were they and their images influential?
  • Why was their work important and ground-breaking?
  • Create/recreate a photographic image in the style of the famous photographer you have selected.  Here's what I will be grading on:
    • Creativity in your set up/props/likeness to the photographer
    • Composition 
    • Lighting
    • How well do you REALLY know your photographer?
    • Final execution of the physical print (minimum 9 x 12") to be turned in
The PowerPoint/iMovie:
  • 5 minute presentation
  • Minimum of 10 images showing a BREADTH of the famous photographer's work
  • Your presentation must be knowledgable, not just a few "wiki-facts"
  • Your image/s is/are to be at the end of the presentation
Due date: December 11 - 14

Point value:  100

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Final Semester Assignment - Photographers you should know about...and will.

How many of you actually LOOK at photographs done by professionals?  How many of you KNOW something about who these incredibly talented and ground-breaking people are?  This is just a taste of what is to come for your semester final...

Extra credit if you know who these photographers are.

Assignment 19 - It's so Surreal!

What is the difference between real and surreal?  What does it mean when, in conversation, someone says, "That's so SURREAL!"?  Take a look at the images below created by two Surreal artists and think about where the images take the viewer and why.

The assignment:

1.  Answer the two questions above - to be turned in at the end of class.

2.  Post images from two Surreal Artists (one from each artist) you are intrigued with and a short paragraph explaining why.  You will be using one or both of the artists you have discovered to create a surreal image with a strong concept.

Using your research, create your own surreal photograph, using Photoshop, Lightroom, and/or double exposure to create the final pieces.  Post your final image on your blog.  Below each of the images you post, explain what your concept is and how you achieved the end result.

Due date:  November 28

Assignment 18 - OFP


(One Fabulous Photo)

Today, during class, you are to go out in the world and take ONE fabulous photograph.  It should be the best photograph you have ever taken (or at least what you're striving for).  You will open in Lightroom and make it even more fabulous (it that's possible...).  Post to your blog.

Due by the end of class.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Assignment 18 - Will the real Aaron Siskind please stand up?

We never seem to look enough at photographers who could make a difference in the images we want to produce.  In this assignment you are going to be looking at the work of photographer Aaron Siskind.  After researching his images, you will be using your camera to shoot in his "monochrome" style, concentrating on shapes, patterns, contrast, and textures.

Post 2 of your best photos on your blog with the technical information - camera mode, f-stop, ISO, shutter speed, and lens.

Write a short paragraph describing what you see in your work that was influenced by Siskind's work.

Due Date:  November 14/15

What elements do you see in Aaron Siskind's images?  Pattern?  Texture?  Contrast?  Shape?
Now you take the lens and see what you can discover around you?

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Assignment 17 - A few "How to's" on Text

Using the word "beautiful", in a font you think actually IS, create the two assignments below.

Sometimes you just have to play around with how to create the text look you often see in magazines but have never actually attempted - usually because you have no idea where to start or you just have no time.

Now you do.

Because you will be using text a great deal in the magazine image you are creating, I have a few tutorials I want you to try in class.  You may or may not end up using these on your cover but now they'll be a part of your "tool belt" for future projects.

There are two parts to this assignment.

Part 1.  The link below will show you how to create transparent text over an image you have already taken:

Part 2.  The link below will show you how to create text with a transparent background in 21 seconds:

Due at the end of class, posted to your blogs.