Monday, May 8, 2017

Assignment 30 - Photography Like a Pro


How about getting paid to do what you already know and love?  That’s right – it’s called “advertising photography”.  You’re hired to photograph a product in the best setting, lighting, and composition for an ad.  So here’s the assignment, but first, answer these questions:

Who is your client?
What is the product?
Who are you trying to sell the product to?  (Who is your target audience?)

Capture the product you’ve selected in a variety of compositions and locations.  Think about the mood, the lighting, product placement, and what you’re trying to “say” about the product.  You don’t need to create a complete ad – unless you want to – but you DO have to have at least three (3) compositions and two (2) different locations.

Post all three completed images on your blog with an explanation of what the concept is and who you are advertising for.

Due date:  May 15

Monday, May 1, 2017

Assignment #29 - What does the end of school REALLY look like?

Your assignment:  To capture what you think the end of school really looks like.  

You will be creating a poster, 12 x 18", complete with an image (or images) that capture the end of school and the beginning of summer.  Come up with a quote, a saying, something that captures the mood of what you want your viewer to feel, and use it in the composition as a final poster to be displayed.

have fun with this - we're almost there!

Due date:  May 3, end of class.