Thursday, April 26, 2018

Assignment 36 - Time for another Capture Challenge!

I'm smiling because Capture Challenges are so much fun!

Choose a partner.  Grab your cameras.  Find the BEST, most INTERESTING captures of the following list of prompts.  Move them all into a folder on your desktop.  Resize them all (instructions on the blog, remember?). RENAME each of them, then share them with me.  Good luck! 

1.  Pure Black + Pure White
2.  The letter "S" found in nature
3.  Stairs that lead to nowhere
4.  A dancer's jump caught in midair
5.  Reflection
6.  A swing
7.  Broken glass, found, not created
8.  Mona Lisa Smile
9.  A Secret
10. Blue eyes shining

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