Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Assignment 33 - A Triptych that Tells a Story

What is this?

What is the story of this triptych?

A triptych is three of something - usually "like" things put together that tell a story.  Your assignment is to make a photographic story with three images only.  Think of what your concept is first, what are you going to try to say with visuals only?  You might think of an actual story you know and try to recreate it in three frames:  What would Little Red Riding Hood look like in three frames?  The Three Little Pigs?

1.  On your blog, post your story concept in approximately one paragraph.  
2.  Shoot as many images as you think you need, then pare down to three you will use.
3.  If it helps, write the story line under each of your images for clarity.
4.  Use Photoshop, Lightroom, whatever you need.
5.  Shoot in manual and post the technical information for each image.

Due date:  March 28

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Assignment 32 - Text and the Self Portrait

Self portraits are the norm these days – as a matter of fact, I’m guessing you’ve already taken at least one “selfie” today already.  Now let’s see what you can do by adding in those oh-so-important things like composition, lighting, color, depth of field.  Your assignment: using your self timer and a tripod or other stable surface, capture an image of yourself.  Edit in Lightroom.  Be clear about your composition – you will need to consider space for adding text that conveys something about yourself.  This time I'd like the text to be created in Adobe Illustrator using the Type on a Path tool.  Instructions to be show in class...

Critique: Write 5 sentences about your final piece and its meaning.

Due Date:  March 16/19

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Assignment 31 - More MAD Photography!

Time to play again.  Choose one tutorial from the MAD link above and create a final image to post. Post the before and after if there is one and below the image write an explanation of what you did, what the outcome was (expected? unexpected?) and what advice you have for how the tutorial could be used.

Due March 12/13 - end of class.