Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Assignment #18 - The 8 Hour Capture

What do you see throughout the day?  Do you really notice what you're looking at or do you only see what you want to when you are asked to?

Okay, so now I'm asking.

This assignment is an 8 hour capture.  8 hours.  One shot every hour for 8 hours.  Whatever you are DIRECTLY looking at, I want yo to capture.  Choose a time and stick to it:  every hour on the hour, at 5 after the hour, whatever works for you.  Set a timer so you don't forget.  shoot what you see at that moment in front of you.  What does your day look like?  Don't try to "re-frame" images or look around for something more interesting or glamorous, just capture.  Make sure you or on the manual mode and check your ISO, aperture and shutter speed for the optimum lighting for the shot.  If you need to, use either a small tripod or balance your camera if the light is low (or jack up the ISO like you've learned!).  At the end of 8 hours you will have 8 shots.

1.  Pick a day you can actually do this - a weekend day may work best - just make sure you have your camera with you.
2.  At an exact time every hour, shoot what you see DIRECTLY in front of you.  Do not look around for the perfect shot.  Make what you're LOOKING AT the perfect shot.
3.  Once you have your 8 images, piece them together chronologically, in an interesting way.  Label each with time of day and technical information.
4.  You may alter in Photoshop but make sure you keep the original images pure.

Due date:  February 23

And yes, I will be doing this challenge with you.