Monday, February 26, 2018

Assignment 30 - Through the lens in an entirely new way…

David Hockney - a new perspective on seeing

You use your camera as your eye, documenting what you see in your mind.  Now I want you to use your camera to gain another perspective on your images.  Artist David Hockney is a painter and therefore may think of his camera as an extension of his brush.  Rather than just "point and shoot", Mr. Hockney focuses his lens and vision on his imagery as if it were a canvas he is painting in sections.

Your assignment:
1.  Research who David Hockney is.
2.  Tell me something about him as both a painter and a photographer in a posted paragraph or two.
3.  Compose a photograph you will shoot using the same technique.  Use today and the next class to experiment with your camera and the assignment by shooting objects, scenes, and perhaps each other.
4.  Create your final piece on an art board in Photoshop, using the images you have taken.  You will be resizing all your images so use this technique posted on this blog to make that happen.  Do NOT crop your images but use in their entirety.

Due date:  Monday + Tuesday,  March 5 - 6

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Assignment 29 - On Your Own

You've probably been waiting a long time to do "what I want tot do, not what you tell me to" so this assignment is just that - you, on your own.

What photographic technique, image, concept have you always wanted to try but just didn't have the time or didn't know how?

Now you do.

Research ideas you're interested in trying.  Post your proposal on your blog by the end of class today(2/15-16/18), and plan how you will carry out your final work.  The completed project must be done and on your blog not later than Monday, February 26.  

Some thoughts:  
1.  Have a backup plan - weather, light, use of the studio may not always be what you had in mind - Mother Nature is a tricky woman...
2.  Do not procrastinate and then, down to the wire, have to change your plan.  Once you commit, you will be held to what you propose.
3.  Be daring.  Take a risk.  It's much more interesting to make the attempt and learn from what you're doing than to be safe.  Safe is way overrated sometimes...

Final image due end of class 2/26.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Assignment 28: What is a "Walkabout", and what would it look like?

A Photographic Walkabout is to free your mind from itself, to appreciate the world around you, to see through your lens what you might have been missing or maybe see 
for the first time.

You will be using this class to go on a Photographic Walkabout with your partner.  
Decide what direction you want to go then begin capturing.  Stay together, no matter what.  After a minimum of 30 minutes, come back to the class, upload your images, 
and select, between the two of you, those you think are the 
most creative from the same location. 
You may use Lightroom or Photoshop to enhance.

As you head out, imagine the elements around you from their perspective.  Your surroundings look much different from waist high, the ground up, something other than eye level, and you may be missing some incredible photographic opportunities if you spend the majority of your time looking at your subjects from eye-level.  
Change your perspective – what’s in front of you?  Behind you?  Beside you?

In addition, I want you to try this fun technique called "Zoom Burst".  You can find the "how to" at this link:

Image by Stuart Richards

Due:  End of class, Monday, February 13

Monday, February 5, 2018

Assignment 27 - Water + Faucets + Reflections = Beautiful

Who would ever think of faucets as not only necessary but beautiful?  You see and touch them every day, when you get up in the morning, when you do the dishes, water the plants, fill the dog bowl...yet how often do you really look at this fixture?

Your assignment is to photograph, creatively, two different faucets - one at school and one at home.  Think of the lighting and composition, is the water running or not, are you using the reflection in the faucet, abstraction?  All of this should be top of mind as you capture your images.

Post both completed and creative images on your blog.  Title the images.

Due:  February 8th, end of class.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Assignment 26 - The Power of Abstraction to Express Emotion

Working in pairs, select an emotion.  Your assignment is to create one outstanding image that expresses that emotion.  Try to think abstractly - think about color, forms and shapes, the power of elements and principles.

Emotions are complex, yet we all know them when we see them - love, anger, despair, can you show those without the typical cliche images of lovers holding hands, tears being wiped away, the usual imagery we all see on Hallmark cards?

Here is the list:


Create the image and alter as you wish.  Using Photoshop, each of you add the word you've been given in a way that exemplifies that emotion in the final image.  Post on both of your blogs.

Due date:  February 6, end of class