Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Assignment #19: The Exploration of Self

Who are you, really?

Since the fifteenth century and the advent of the mirror artists have modeled for themselves in their own works of art.  Whether an in-depth exploration of the artist’s own psyche or simply because as a model, the artist is clearly the cheapest and most available, artists in every medium have attempted this “exploration of self”.  Look at the many different kinds of self-portraits and attempt to understand why people create these works and how both they and the viewer benefit from them.

Will the real Cindy Sherman please stand up?

Start by watching the Cindy Sherman piece (link is to the right...).  Sherman is an American photographer and film director best known for her conceptual portraits.  Through different series of works Sherman has sought to raise challenging and important questions about the role and representation of women in society, the media, and the nature of the creation of art.

For this project, you will need to complete the following.

 Brainstorm (25 pts)
1.     Create two self-portrait concepts: one that will be a portrait showing yourself, and one that invents a new character. Summarize them. Create and write 10 “visual” phrases (descriptive – a phrase we can “see”) for each idea that will help you to create your portraits.
Create one “Contact Sheets” (50 pts)
2.     (An older term in photography referring to 20 images or “out takes” on a single 8.5 x 11” sheet of photographic paper.)  Make a contact sheets with 20 images, 10 images that describe yourself and 10 images that are the “story” of your created character. Be prepared to discuss the character.
Final (500 pts)
3. Select the best image for each - one that is you and one that is the character. Create a layout in Photoshop placing both images are on a single page and save in the appropriate size.  Label your images with your initials, the block and the name of the assignment (ex: MAK5Explorationofself.jpg)

Things to consider when working on your captures:

Is the image in focus, thoughtfully lit, and finished looking?
Does the work show pride in execution?
Is there an understanding of the camera used (or are these simply “snap shots”)?
Is it treated as an art piece?

Is the image well composed, balanced, all aspects in the image intended to be there?
Does it invite the viewer to “linger”?
Is it cluttered, bare, and composed with the purpose of the concept in mind??

Did you follow instructions?
Was it turned in on time?
Did you meet the proper expectations of shots?

Due Dates:  Brainstorm due March 11
                    Contact Sheet due March 17
                    Final Images due March 21