Monday, October 6, 2014

You're more than just a Selfie...

Another Selfie...courtesy of Kasara Schmidt

How many Selfies does it take to show the world who you are?  Seriously?  Now it's time to show the world who you really are inside.  Here's your challenge:
1.  Find images online that represent at least seven things about yourself.  Save them to a folder on the desktop.
2.  In PhotoShop, make a new document, 8 x 10 in size with a resolution of 250.
3.  Create a collage using the images you have selected by moving and placing the images onto the document.  You will be using PhotoShop tools to refine our selections.  For softer edges, use Select>modify>feather.  Remember your rules of composition assignment.  Remember you can size the images using Command T + shift to fit in the document. 

4.  Add your name with the Text Tool using a thick, black font.  Now find one of the images you collected that you think wold look good inside the word.  Copy and paste it into the document.  Put that image layer on top of the word layer.  Press Command + Option + G to put the image inside the word.  Merge the image and the text layer, but not the background layer (use the eye icon to hide the background), and move the word on top of the collage you have created.
5.  Think about moving the layers above and below.  To blend layers for a unique effect, use the Move Tool and use Shift+ to scroll through the blend modes.
6.  Save your work as both a psd (in case you want to continue working on it) and as a jpeg when you are finished to post to your blog.
7.  What is your piece about?  What did you discover about yourself.  What will the viewer discover?  Write a critiques, at least two paragraphs, on your blog under your final image.

Due Date:  October 14th, 2014